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​​​​We focus on beauty products and salon supplies specifically geared toward Professional Body Sugaring.  We sought out the best in the industry to formulate a sugar paste and product line that is not only affordable, but also reliable and effective.  Sweet Essentials by Sugar Blossom is a total skin care company with its focus on professional body sugaring.  We've combined years of industry experience with the latest in manufacturing technology to bring you a line that is safe and effective. 

"It's our mission to help Sugarists get the most out of our products & be successful."

A Professional Body Sugarist requires an artful technique that takes hours upon hours to perfect.  The most important key to a great technique is a quality sugar paste, one that has all the following attributes: 

  • it is effective at removing the hair
  • it is pliable, supple and gives you an ease of use
  • it is reliable and maintains a workable consistency.

Knowing you have a sugar paste that maintains its consistency can help you focus on your technique and your client, not on adjusting temperatures or throwing away paste that has become too firm or too soft. Only a quality sugar paste can give you the confidence you need to develop an amazing Sugaring technique.  Your sugar paste should glide with minimal effort and without any strain on your wrist or fingers.  You should be able to apply your paste quickly yet comfortably for your client.  


Creating an affordable Sugar paste while still maintaining its quality was the driving force behind the inception of Sweet Essentials by Sugar Blossom.  We've worked hard to create a product offering that gives you everything you need at the best price possible.