Our high standard of training and gentle technique has made the Brazilian Bikini by far our most popular service. You can feel confident and relax while we take care of your most sensitive areas.

Brazilian Experts

We are very serious about removing your unwanted body hair in the safest, healthiest way possible.

We only use all-natural sugar pastes which have been developed to give you outstanding results with superior comfort. Our paste is applied and removed by hand in the natural direction of hair growth, minimizing unnecessary irritation and ingrown hairs. All hair textures and skin types, no matter how sensitive, can enjoy the benefits of a visit to Sugar Blossom, making you wish you heard of us sooner!

(For more on "Sugaring vs. Waxing" click HERE)

What We Do

Who We Are

Okay, let's get this straight! Sugar Blossom is not a spa (that's where you get that awful waxing...yikes!). Instead, we are a relaxed and friendly studio specializing in Professional Body Sugaring. Our friendly practitioners are trained experts in Body & Brazilian Sugaring. In fact, we are the only salon in Vaughan to specialize solely in Sugaring...it's all we love to do!

Sugar Blossom Specialists



A Safer, Healthier alternative to waxing




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